About Karen and Ben

So here you are, wondering about us? We’re just two, ordinary siblings that have way too much creativity to keep it to ourselves. How did this all start, you may be wondering? Well, let’s go back to the beginning. The very beginning…

The Early Years
First Meeting

Karen Elizabeth was born to two dog trainers in January of 1988. They weren’t quite sure what to do with this hairless, crying bundle, but they did their best. They only tried to return her once. Her life changed forever when her parents decided to give her a baby brother in June of 1990. They named him Ernest Benjamin. They had a rocky start, because Karen saw no use for this screaming, drooling annoyance. She finally decided to keep him after he started talking and demanding pizza for dinner.

The Beginning of it All
About Karen and Ben 2
Ben and Karen working at their computers

The summer of 2003, Ernest “Ben” came to his sister with a “great” story idea, a story about dwarves and magic swords and dragons and faraway lands. But he didn’t think he could write this fantasy story on his own. He knew he didn’t have the skills, and knew his sister was far superior to him in every way. And she’d just finished taking Creative Writing, so she knew cool vocab words like victuals and behoove. She had also been writing BTVS fanfiction for several years, and had even been contacted by multiple people in the fandom to edit (or beta read) their own stories. She agreed to write his story for him on one condition: if it wasn’t just Matthew having these great adventures, but his cousin Katherine, because girls deserved to have adventures too.

In the years since, Ben has gone from being allowed to dictate only to being a full partner in the creative process. After being introduced to Dungeons and Dragons and other roleplaying games, Ben’s creative mind was given its best vessel to date. His mind has never really stopped producing ideas ever since, and he really loved worldbuilding.  He just retired from the Army Reserve, and is struggling with his desire to be a nerd and jock simultaneously. It’s not going well.

Most Recently Ben…

Fall of 2017 found him completing a personal trainer course, so he might finally succeed in leveling up. He just started managing a gym in January of 2018, so he’s definitely got his work cut out for him! This also leaves him less time to write, but Karen is pushing him to finally start a blog, and pushing him to continue working on their combined novels. While he finds his big sister annoying, he will someday appreciate her.

Meanwhile, Karen…
About Karen and Ben3
Karen and her Dad at graduation

Karen received her Bachelor’s in English from USM with a minor in Creative Writing in May of 2016 after slowly working her way through college and working full time in retail after high school. She has managed to escape retail and worked as a Behavioral Health Professional, working with children with Autism for a few months, though as of Summer 2017, she’s underemployed and focusing on her writing and crafting.

She loves learning about languages in general and English in particular, like why wonderFUL and AWEsome is good, but AW-FUL is bad (fun fact, it didn’t used to be!) and many of her friends give her their old grammar texts once they’re done with them because she enjoys that sort of thing. She’s not a grammar nazi though, but a grammarista! When she’s not working, she’s fencing with the USM Blade Society and being the deputy Exchequer for the Province of Malagentia. She also has a sense of humor, and thinks she’s hilarious. And enjoys talking about herself in the third person.

What Does that Mean?
About Karen and Ben4
July 18th, 2012

The story has grown from a tale about a farm-boy turned adventurer to six continents and roughly four thousand years of history, and city records and coinage notes and lunar calendars and at least two dozen more novels that could be written. We may need an intervention at some point. 

And now there’s this website, and a new blog, or three or four, and and an Etsy store. We most definitely need an intervention.