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Welcome to KB.Spark Creations, the homepage for the multiple creative outlets for both Karen and Benjamin Sparkowich, and the blogs that go with them! Here you can find portfolios, blogs, and other links to all the creative processes from Karen and Ben.


January 26th: Sorry all! I’ve been so busy with the two subdomains, I forgot to link them here! Both Bandelore AND The Relatable B.I.G. have new content! Go check it out!

As of November 30th, 2018, some of our content is moving to subdomains! So please bear with us as things change and move around! We plan on unveiling our new sites January 1st, 2019!

K.Spark Photography

Here you can find K.Spark Photography, where she makes professional look natural. Her portfolio shows her best work in many categories, from Portrait, Pet — including her work with exotic animals! — Wedding, Nature, and Misc photography. She is working on a way to allow you to purchase your favorite prints, so stay tuned!

Fat to Fit Blog

Fat to Fit is Changing! Both the name — It’s now The Relatable B.I.G, — and it’s location! And there’s new content! Go Check it out!

K.Spark Creations

Karen has been crafting since she was a small girl, and has run out of friends to gift her numerous projects to. Right now she is on a weaving and doll-clothes kick, but check back often because she does everything from knitting and crocheting to weaving and working a lucet to sewing and embroidery, so there are always new things to be added!


Bandelore has moved! It’s now on it’s own subdomain, so check it out! New content updated weekly!

Social Media

If that’s not enough of Karen and Ben, please feel free to browse, and don’t forget to check us out on Instagram — K.Spark Creations to see her latest works in progress, and The Relatable B.I.G. to follow Ben’s fitness journey! — and Pinterest — K.Spark Creations to see what she’s thinking about working on!


KB.Spark Creations
Ben and Karen working on their blogs
Want more?

And if there’s not enough stuff here to keep your attention, why not head on over to Lady Solveig’s blog, where Karen occasionally ghost-writes! Travels of the Troubadour is a fun blog about Lady Solveig’s travels as a bard in the SCA.

Or if dog-training would be more your style, head on over to Karen and Ben’s Dad’s blog, which Karen helped to ghost-write the first few posts. Coastal K9 is about Rod’s experiences dog training over the past 40 years, and some are downright hilarious!

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